Why We Prefer Python for Web Development?

python web development

What is Python?

Python was discovered by Guido Van Rossum in the 1990’s decade. No one doesn’t knows that this would be one of the popular programming languages in the future. This benefits most developers’ experience simplifying it to write code and make applications. Python’s best features are framework, design, and libraries.

There is undoubtedly it is a high-level broadly useful, and dynamic programming language for web developmentnowadays. If you don’t believe us! Then have a look at the below statics data of python web applications development:

Study Data

  • It is a very popular and widely accepted programming language, it is the 1st ranked in 2021.
  • Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest are popular applications built using Python.
  • According to a survey, it is a top backend language in 2021.
  • You can see at TIOBE, now back at second position in the list of trending programming languages.
  • We got in market research by Data Bridge, Python web framework market is estimated to enhance at a significant rate of 21% by the end of 2027.

Looking over to the job market- Python is the most demanding language in the United Kingdom, with more than 13430+ jobs on Indeed and 2430+ jobs on Glassdoor in the May month of 2021.

Why use Python for Web Development?

Most importantly get to know, what is development? We can say in simple words and characterize web as development as the way of making, designing, and maintaining websites. Generally, web development includes a frond-end (all the things that interact with the users) and back-end denied the regular users which contain all the business rational and interact with the database.  It is known as a back-end language for web development, and it is generally joined with some other front-end language (frequently javascript) to build an entire website.   

Let’s get back to our hot question, why do we use python in web development? Because it’s a versatile, adaptable, and exceptionally proficient programming language that offers dynamic typing abilities. It helps developers to build game applications, system applications with graphics, web applications, scientific applications, command-line utilities, and a lot more choices. Factually, it has been considered as “the most famous coding language” for the past two years. Have a look at the below chart concerning the 2021 kinds of research over the most famous coding languages:

One more excellent reason for utilizing Python is that it tends to be utilized and distributed for free. Which known as an open-source tool that works with a large group of libraries, all the coding data required is available on several online portals? This implies that embedding, copying, and distributing Python in your product is unlimited. This makes it very valuable in the world of development framework once it considers adaptability in the marketplace and allows organizations to communicate with numerous industrial sectors. The outcome? An advanced and extremely successful product. Let’s take a look at the main benefits:

Advantages of making easier web development

There are key factors that simplify the use of Python for web applications development:

  • Easy to learn: The effortlessness of the structure permits you to manage complicated frameworks and ensure communication between developers dealing with a similar undertaking is considerably more proficient. Factually, a language that is not difficult to learn means that beginner designers or developers who don’t have any experience with python can get familiar with the language and join the development team quicker.
  • Good readability: The way that python is like our regular language and its emphasis on readability means that its designers can write reasonable code.
  • Complex assignment on the back-end: It is a high-level coding language that permits you to do complex assignments on the back-end, including AI and Data Science just as some other common task in other programming languages.
  • Most popular among web development: Usually, this characteristic can be viewed as an index of how reasonable/great a language is, however, this is also a benefit for debugging our application. If you are facing some bug or don’t know absolutely how to execute a new feature, there most likely exists somebody on the web who previously had a similar issue, and finding a solution is a couple of clicks away.
  • Large range of libraries: There is a large range of libraries that you can use to speed up the development of your application. These libraries are bundles of pre-written code accessible to everybody, so you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. A portion of the libraries is Numpy, scitLearn for data analysis and numerical algorithms, and x for composable SQL queries.
  • Superb Frameworks: There are most popular frameworks for python include Django, Pyramid, Web2Py, Flask, and Turbogears. These act like toolboxes expecting to help you accelerate the development of web applications.   They contain bundles and modules of standardized code to help you in a few application regions (URL directing, getting the database, HTTP request, and responses).


Python renders countless advantages to the developers and hence, has become their beloved language for web development. It is already playing as a king of web application development in the world. So, if you wondering that you should build a Python-based web application for your enterprise or startup, then search for a credible Python Development Company or hire a full-time Python developer who can complete your project efficiently within a timeline.

Hopefully, the above post will help your next project. Stay tuned for more updates!

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