India’s Covid-19 Lockdown: We are safe and actively working from home

India has placed around 1.3 billion people under a 21-day lockdown, as a way to handle the spread of the coronavirus; people living below the poverty line are suffering the most over the lack of adequate planning ahead of this decision.

fighting together against coronavirus

Working in the IT companies, we must say that there is an impact on the business for sure. In fact, there is not huge difference in the impact on IT sector V/S other sector. However, the benefit of IT sector is that you can work from home as well. So, for some IT companies the impact is less. There are few factors which helps IT companies to reduce the impact.

Effective planning and roadmap of work:      

If there is a plan in place for each resource on what they need to work, the employees can work from home and complete each day’s tasks, this will reduce the impact.

Opportunity for Long brain-storming sessions with clients:

As there is a lock-down in major cities, majority are at home. There are few clients who did not get time to discuss, due to their busy schedule. IT companies gets hold of them in this time. This will definitely improve the business.

Use of IT in Fight against Corona virus:

There are some IT companies which are leveraging their Industry knowledge to help people fight against their difficult time. AI and IoT plays major role here.

There are some challenges as well:

  • You need enough resources (Laptop, dongles etc) to have all the employees work from home.
  • You need to have enough trust in your employees that they will diligently work from home.
  • You will need to have few processes in place to monitor the daily progress. Just like Scrum meetings, quick communication Channels and Daily log of work.

Let’s fight against coronavirus together and put it to the end. It appears that the world has stopped moving around and everything is stopped. This is extremely intense time for the world. In any case, this won’t keep going for long. We as a whole will be back with the double force when this is over.

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